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Tracking your delivery rate in AWS SES

Tracking your delivery rate in AWS SES

Tracking the delivery rate of your emails is an important aspect of email marketing, as it allows you to understand how well your emails are being delivered to the inbox. The delivery rate is the percentage of emails that are successfully delivered to the recipient's inbox, as opposed to being bounced or marked as spam.

There are several reasons why tracking the delivery rate is important for businesses. Firstly, high delivery rates are crucial for the success of email campaigns. If your emails are not being delivered to the inbox, they are not being seen by your intended audience. This can have a negative impact on your email marketing efforts and result in lower open and click-through rates.

In addition to the direct impact on email performance, low delivery rates can also have a negative effect on your sender reputation. Internet service providers (ISPs) use a sender's reputation as a factor in determining whether to deliver emails to the inbox or send them to the spam folder. If your delivery rates are low, it can hurt your sender reputation and make it more difficult for your emails to reach the inbox in the future.

So, how can you track your delivery rate and maintain a good sender reputation? One way is to use a SAAS tool like SES Monitor. SES Monitor is a comprehensive tool that helps you monitor the performance of your AWS SES account. It provides real-time email delivery tracking, allowing you to see how many emails have been delivered to the inbox, as well as those that have been bounced or marked as spam.

SES Monitor offers two valuable features for monitoring email performance: bounce tracking and complaint monitoring. When an email bounces, it has not been delivered to the recipient due to issues such as an invalid email address or if the recipients inbox is full. By tracking bounces, you can identify and correct problems with your email list, improving the chances of successful delivery. Complaint monitoring, on the other hand, allows you to track when recipients mark your emails as spam. By monitoring complaints, you can improve the quality of your emails and reduce the likelihood of being marked as spam.

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